September 25, 2019

Building Services

Building Services

At Jaguar Containers we are certain that we can meet all of your armor and safe needs. Our project managers work closely with skilled fabricators and welders to ensure that your container is made accurately and delivered on time.

The Armor & Safe containers are available with ballistic ceramic walls and floors, which offer added security. Excellent for high value agricultural crops and materials, and for protection of equipment and resource in unstable environments.

Many farmers are finding that shipping containers are very useful!

Farm & Ranch containers are:
• Secure from weather
• Perfect for livestock
• Great for storing feed and seed
• Excellent converted tractor/equipment storage

Given the range of benefits and advantages, architects, contractors and individuals are increasingly using containers to build homes, offices, apartments, schools, dormitories, artist studios, museums and retail stores across the world. Europe, China and New Zealand are leading the movement in building sustainable environmentally-friendly structures with shipping containers.

From low income housing solutions to museums refurbished shipping containers are a cost-effective solution. Utilizing containers can save you up to 60 percent more than traditional construction options. Time and framing costs are essentially cut in half. You will also receive long-term savings in terms of reduced maintenance and repair as well as energy efficiency savings.

The Oil & Natural gas industry in on a roll and Jaguar is here to assist. We provide the industry with ISO certified storage containers to mobile housing and specialized FRAC sand containers. We even provide temporary man camps and mobile office solutions specifically designed for oil and gas companies.

We realize that the mining business represents a special breed of worker and entrepreneur, that’s exactly why our customers call on Jaguar to develop solutions that solve huge problems. If you have a challenging problem, like creating housing for 300 workers in a remote location or developing a solution that houses a piece of specialized equipment, then let’s talk today. We solve the most challenging problems in the mining industry the world over.

The perfect solution for storing backup equipment in the fields has arrived. Advantage PowerBox™ is a great example of how containers can be utilized as an energy & power station:

COR-TEN Steel Construction

  • Withstands Extreme Weather Conditions

Aluminum Constructed Stacking and Bracing

  • Conserves Weight
  • Weather Resistant

Hydraulic Lowering Arms

  • Easy Loading & Unloading
  • One Person Management

Client Controlled Systems

  • Extends life of stored Switchers and Gear
  • Insures Equipment Readiness
  • Intermodal Ready Design

Shipping containers can be converted into simple cabins, making them a perfect solution for weekend camps. They are outfitted with full bathrooms, or customized to whatever you need. These hunting camps are great for year round use.

High mobility, strength, durability and long-term dependability make our containers an intelligent choice. Containers can be stacked on top of each other and moved easily. The interlocking mechanism of the containers facilitates mobility so that structures made from them can be easily disassembled, moved, and reassembled.

Shipping containers can be converted into storefronts for fireworks or supplies for carnivals and special events, such as Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest, and other outdoor festivals. They can be used temporarily to suit your purpose and used for storage for the rest of the year.

A shipping container can be transformed into a self-sustaining, fully functioning medical clinic with exam rooms, laboratory, and a mechanical room. Shipping containers have the ability to use solar power energy as a primary energy source. This is especially beneficial for emergency medical clinics, the solar panels convert direct sunlight to power the clinics, which makes air conditioning, lighting, and medical equipment run. On overcast days, the fully solar-charged batteries will power the entire clinic for three days. Remote areas, like the Congo or Sudan, would benefit greatly from the emergency management container clinics. Limited or no access to electrical power makes these environments prime candidates for devastating, yet preventable occurances.

The emergency management container is also advantageous in weather related disaster areas. Loss of electrical power in hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes is a major element in the slowing down of relief progress in these emergency situations. The converted shipping container can be driven or flown in directly to the impacted areas. Customized and prepared to begin work immediately, the emergency container provides relief to the relief workers and if necessary can remain in the area as a long term healthcare facility.

  • Reach higher market prices through spot demand and delivery
  • Bypass the difficulties of working with the railroads
  • Protect your product from the breakdown caused by multiple handling
  • Reduce your liability by testing once at the mine and securing the product throughout the entire supply chain
  • Access every means of transport (barge, rail, truck)
  • Provide your customers value by supplying a critical element of their operation while saving them space on site, time in delivery, and unnecessary costs

Are you prepared to survive? A Jaguar designed bunker strategy is essential, and we can help. Let Us Help You With Your Survival Strategy so you can be ready for anything the future holds.

Your customers will be lined up around the corner to get a look at your container. With strong steel exteriors frames that are easy to modify, our containers lend themselves perfectly to hospitality and restaurant solutions. Our smaller units are easily moved, sleek and stylish. Container restaurants are quickly becoming the more attractive alternative to traditional stick or block build units. For takeout or a quick bite while standing, our convertible shipping container restaurants provide a fresh and innovative solution.

Design the restaurant or bistro of your dreams at an affordable price. We can customize your idea from start to delivery. This option offers mobility; location is key, but with a mobile unit, when the location doesn’t work you can simply pick up and move. The external structure is made from Corten steel, which is exceptionally strong, and will meet all of your industrial steel qualification requirements.