September 25, 2019

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

The Jagpod is Jaguar’s answer to the runaway housing prices. It is an inexpensive, modern, and eco-friendly, green product. It has features comparable to any typical apartment or home. The Jagpod can include bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and lofts.

Lowest cost per square foot of any other base structure

The Jagpod is made of 85% recycled steel. They also are outfitted with solar panels

Containers are made of corrugated steel- The same steel used for bridges

Container homes can withstand winds of 100mph on a foundation, or 175 mph winds when anchored with pylons. Container homes are said to be 100x stronger than a conventional housing structure.

The Jagpod can be equipped with different levels of security systems. We can install everything from bolt locks, cameras, and alarm systems.